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Dulo - Fiction Short Film

The society has collapsed and living in a war zone is the new normal. Children are so accustomed to violence that mimicking death scenarios is their favorite game. In this backdrop, a 9-year-old wimpy boy finds a toy that transforms him into the alpha among other kids. Will this lead him to the path of corruption or will he be able to retain his innocence?

Growing up, I was inspired by blockbuster films like Avatar, Jurassic Park, and Star Trek, fueling my desire to produce a grand-scale production of my own. Dulo became a realization of that dream, albeit on a smaller scale, with a significant production and a budget of $40,000. Initially, we only had $5,000 from my personal savings, but as we delved into script development and production preparations, costs multiplied by sevenfold. Determined to bring this story to life, we embarked on a fundraising campaign, and to our delight, we raised $35,000 in under three months. Dulo explores the theme of world peace, a topic particularly relevant in today's context. The film has been shot and is currently undergoing post production(VFX & Sound), with plans for a premiere at film festivals worldwide in 2023-24.

1) Conceptualization: Developing the initial concept and storyline for the film, envisioning the war environment and the narrative elements.

2) Scriptwriting: Collaborating with a writer-director to craft a compelling script that captures the essence of the war environment and resonates with the audience.

3) Team Coordination: Managing a team of 25 people, including actors, crew members, and post-production professionals, ensuring effective communication and smooth workflow throughout the production process.

4) Budget Management: Overseeing the film's budget, allocating funds for various production aspects such as location scouting, props, costumes, and special effects.

5) Pre-production Planning: Organizing and coordinating pre-production tasks such as casting, location scouting, securing permits, scheduling, and acquiring necessary equipment.

6) Production Execution: Overseeing the actual filming process, ensuring adherence to the creative vision and coordinating with the cinematographer and production crew to capture the war environment effectively.

7) Post-production Supervision: Collaborating with the editor, sound designer, and visual effects team to bring the war environment to life during the editing and post-production stages.

8) Film Festival Submissions: Researching and identifying relevant film festivals that focus on war-themed films, submitting the completed film for consideration, and coordinating the necessary paperwork and requirements for festival submissions.

9) Marketing and Promotion: Developing a marketing strategy to generate buzz around the film, including creating a trailer, promotional materials, and engaging with potential audiences through social media and other channels.

10) Distribution and Exhibition: Exploring distribution options for the short film, seeking opportunities for screenings at film festivals, theaters, and online platforms to maximize its exposure and reach.